We were a house in a shitty college town. We all moved either across town or across the country. Now I post our shitty music taste from library computers. Viva la Cage.

Your Heart (Live) // Andy Shauf 

I just wander around my apartment singing the verses of this song sometimes, hoping the voice of Andy Shauf will come out of me. Alas, I am not nearly as pretty-sounding and this live track is still golden.

Seeing the graduation stage set up on the quad and finals piling up has gotten me only slightly anxious about graduating,

but the reality that by this time next week, I will no longer be a student DJ at WKNH is the only thing that has made me completely lose my mental shit. 

We Don’t Need Our Heads // A Great Big Pile of Leaves

WOAH WOAH, woahohohoh. WOAH, woahohohoh-oh oh oh oh. You know?

(Source: normate)

Sieve // Skinny Bones

Did not expect such an accessible first single to come out of these guys, but I still love it. The weirdest, most wonderful blend of samples and raw musicianship I’ve ever seen live. Also, the only time I can say I’ve liked a folktronica band. Love them before everyone else does.

Listen to bits and pieces of Noise Floor by Skinny Bones here.

Hahaha, did I just get poorly sassed by a Nothing fan for saying I only liked a few songs off the full length?