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Donated her eyes
when she was young and shy
hated awkward breasts
and felt the yawn in skylines

Miasmal Smoke and the Yellow Bellied Freaks - Wintersleep


A Sunny Day in Glasgow | Boys Turn Into Girls (Initiation Rites)

Radio show happening in thirty minutes at This will definitely be a song played during my hour.

It makes me feel like goop. In a good way.

Old Chokes (Black Bear Studios Session) // Frameworks

Is there such thing as pretty screamo? Was screamo ever meant to be pretty? Frameworks, you scamps, you’ve done it. 


Hooray for Earth - Keys

Motivating me to move from this couch to work this morning. 

(but not really, I could totally nap too, life’s difficult)


The lead single from SBTRKT’s sophomore album Wonder Where We Land, "New Dorp, New York".

(via yungbanhmi)